Revision Knee

Modular Revision Total Knee Replacement

  • The Apex RK system is designed to provide Apex primary performance in a streamlined revision procedural workflow.
  • The design is based on the clinical experience and success of the Apex Total Knee.
  • The revision system is designed to provide improved function, better fit and fixation through the use of smart instrumentation
Product features
  • Stackable Tibial augments
    Advanced Post and Cam support.
  • Offset stem options on Femur and tibia
    Simple and precise instrumentation.
  • Unique “waffled” tibia augment enables surgeon to best fit tibia geometry
    Proportionally sized post and cam interface ensures high level of support.
  • 360 degree radial offsetting for both the femur and tibia potentially allowing for more stability, ligament balancing, and optimal bone coverage.
  • Streamlined instrumentation, including downsized femoral and tibial cutting blocks that have the potential to minimize soft tissue impingement.