Zodiac Deformity

Offers a comprehensive selection of top-loading, self-tapping screws in titanium and stainless steel to accommodate individual patient anatomy. Corrects spinal deformities, including rod reduction and en bloc vertebral derotation
  • Deformity Spinal Fixation System with Adjustable Bridges
  • Uniplanar screws have up to 76° of variability in the sagittal plane
  • Zodiac Deformity 7
  • Zodiac Deformity 1
  • Zodiac Deformity 2
  • Zodiac Deformity 3
  • Zodiac Deformity 4
Product features

Versatile implant selection

  • Polyaxial, High-top, Uniplanar,
    Monoaxial,and Sacral
  • 4.0mm through 8.5mm
  • 20 hook options

Comprehensive instrument set

  • Designed by deformity surgeons
  • Accommodates multiple
    correction techniques